Acer Tablet Not Charging: Testing and Fixing

The Acer Tab is built to fit into our lifestyles, according to Acer. The company positions the older models and the newer ones (Acer Iconia One 7, One 8 and One 10, Switch, Chromebook, Nitro 5) as hardy tablets that can perform well where the sleeker brands fail. Not so much when it comes to battery and charging. Just like all other tablets, Acer tablet users face charging problems as well.

The charging set up of Acer tablets is pretty standard. It comes with a charger in the box, comprising of a plug and USB cable for connecting the adapter to the tablet or PC. The Acer tablet charging problem often renders this devise unusable. You can quickly find a workaround by first understanding the cause of the problem.

Diagnosing Acer Tablet Charging Problem


Acer Tablet Not Charging

Is it a connection blunder?

The Acer tablet not charging problem could be as a result of a broken connection from the charger to the tablet. This happens when you have not firmly fixed the plug into the wall outlet and the charging port. Firm contact has to be made at the wall outlet and the charging port for current to flow.

Are you using the right charger?

Acer tablet won’t charge if you use an incompatible charger. Before you switch on your panic mode, first try using the original charger that came with the device when you first bought it. Charger compatibility is essential.

Check if there is power

Check if you have a power failure or faulty wall outlets. To find out if the Acer tablet charging problem is due to a defective socket, try using another outlet in the house.

Let it charge

At times, when charging the Acer tablet, the response might not be as fast as we want. That often happens when the battery was drained to null. So give it time before you make the gloomy “Acer tablet not charging” prognosis. Tech experts also advise not to use the tablet when charging.

Acer Tablet Still not Charging

If after doing the above four things your tablet doesn’t respond to power, it would be safe to say that you are a victim of the Acer tablet not charging problem. In this case, you will see no charging symbol (usually a lightning bolt) on the bottom left corner of the screen. The charging hitch could be due to faulty chargers, hardware problem or software bug among others.

Reasons Why Acer Tablet Won’t Charge


Reasons Why Acer Tablet Won’t Charge

Broken charging port

In most cases, the pesky Acer tablet charging problem is caused by a faulty charging port. Although encased within the tablet, this small power hole is the most vulnerable part of your phone’s charging system. The port is made up of pins and sensors that hook onto the end of the USB cable to connect power to the tablet. If one of the pins breaks or bends out of position, your Acer tablet won’t charge.

You can check to see if the charging port is in perfect condition by holding the tablet upside down and using a flashlight. The glitch often needs to be fixed with appropriate resolve from an experienced mender. To prevent this situation, always use a compatible USB cable.

Using the wrong charger

Different adapters have different wattage ratings. You might be experiencing the Acer tablet not charging problem for the reason that the adapter does not support the voltage requirement of the mobile device. Other than that, it could be that that the USB cable you are using does not properly fit into the charging port. If the USB cable is loose, or won’t get into the port, your Acer tablet won’t charge.

Dirty charging port

Just as with broken charging ports, dirt and dust in the charging ports can also cause the charging problem. If you store your Acer tablet near the window, for instance, dirt blowing from out might get into the charging port and prevent the pins from making contact with the USB cable. You can clean off the dirt by using a hair dryer or a non-static brush.

Broken charger

It is easy to tell if a broken charger is the reason why your Acer tablet won’t charge. Check to see if any of the three (or two) prongs of the adapter are broken or bending. Dropping the charger or improper storage can cause the prongs to break. Then also, too much twisting of the cable often causes it to break at some point. In both these cases, the Acer tablet charger is as good as dead, and the only solution is to get a new one.

Computer USB unable to charge tablet

Sometimes it is convenient to use a computer USB to charge the tablet, especially when you are on the move. However, that too could be problematic for one of the two reasons; faulty computer port or faulty USB cable. If Acer tablet doesn’t charge after connecting to the computer port, try using another port. Ensure to use the actual computer port and not the one on the keyboard. The power output from the computer keyboard might not be significant enough for the tablet to recognize. You can also try using a new USB cable if the problem persists.

Tablet battery is dead

If power is running low on your Acer tablet, you will always see the low battery sign on the status bar. That often implies that you have to charge the device or switch it off. If you continue using it the battery will completely drain and cause charging difficulties later on. If that happens, your Acer tablet will not power up until you allow sufficient time for it to charge.

Hardware problem due to dropped tablet

If you dropped your Acer tablet on some hard surface, the impact could cause damage to the charging system of the device. Even if not seen from the outside, the system board could sustain damage, or the charging port could come loose. Only a professional can help in this case.

Other manufacturing problem (software or hardware)

The Acer tablet not charging problem could entirely be due to faulty hardware calibration by the makers. You might not ever find the exact hardware problem, but you can cash in your warranty by exchanging the device for a new one. If the Acer tablet charging problem is due to a software glitch, you can download the latest updates.

You can also reboot the tablet or rest your back up to when the tablet charged without problems. When your Acer tablet won’t charge, use the above guide to find the exact cause and solve the problem.

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