Samsung Tablet Not Charging: Common Reasons and Quick Solutions

When your Samsung tablet stops charging, there are a few troubleshooting techniques you can use before thinking about visiting a technician. Most a time, the Samsung tablet charging problem is caused by the charger and not the tablet itself. Both the older and newer models (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, S3, S4, A7, A8, A10.1, E9.6) experience charging problems. Knowing the causes of the issues can help you better take care of your device and rectify the glitch when it happens.

Troubleshooting Samsung Tablet Charging Problems


Samsung Tablet Not Charging

Connect it the right way

Before you give the “not charging” prognosis, first ensure that the Samsung tablet is connected to power the right way. Ideally, the charging cable should be sitting firmly into the adapter and the tablet’s charging port. Ensure to plug the adapter into the wall, fitting it securely in place for complete current transmission from the wall socket to the tablet.

Use the right charger

Use only the original charger that came with the device. The Samsung tablet charging problem could be due to charger-tablet incompatibility. Then again, even though some generic chargers can still function, their power output might not be sufficient enough for your tablet.

Use the wall outlet

You can be sure that your Samsung tablet charging ability is faulted by testing with the wall outlet. The power output from the computer USB port and other power accessories is often too little. That results to slow charging or no charging at all.

Allow sufficient time for charging

When charging, give it time. Allow the tablet to warm up and start taking power before you decide that the tablet has a charging problem. Do not use your Samsung tablet while charging. It often happens that when using the tablet while charging, it becomes loose either at the charging port or at the power socket. The Samsung tablet won’t charge because it won’t have proper contact with the charger or power source.

Samsung Tablet not Charging

If the tablet is successfully charging when connected to power, you will notice a lightning bolt sign next to the battery on the status bar. If the tablet is turned off, there will be a battery icon on the screen. If you don’t see these charging signs even after adequately connecting onto the power source, then you most likely have a Samsung tablet charging problem.

Reasons Why Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge


Reasons Why Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge

Broken charging port

A broken charging port could happen due to many reasons among them using an incompatible cable. The Samsung tablet has pins inside it that allow for attaching to the charger. If any of the pins are broken or bent, the USB cable won’t connect therefore breaking the current flow. With a broken charging port, Samsung tablet won’t charge at all.

To be certain that the problem is with the charging port, try using the same charger on another Samsung device and see whether it successfully charges. If it doesn’t, then the charging port is likely damaged. You can also inspect the charging port with a flashlight to check for broken or bent pins.

Using the wrong charger

It is advisable to always charge your Samsung tablet using the USB cable and adapter that came with it. If you are using another charger you will have to make sure that it is compatible; it should be able to fit in properly, and its wattage should be able to support the power supplied to your tablet. Even though you can use your phone charger for the tablet, the charging process might be super slow. On the other hand, using a big wattage charger might degrade your battery.

Broken charger

Samsung tablet chargers are not entirely tamper-proof. When they break or bend, they lead to Samsung tablet charging problem. The charger could break due to poor storage when traveling, too many years of use or too much plugging and unplugging. Unless you have some electrical knowledge, it would be hard to fix this glitch. You would have to buy a new one.

How do you tell whether the Samsung tablet charging problem is caused by a broken charger? For one, you will quickly see broken, bending or missing pins on the adapter. If the problem is with the cable, you will see signs of breakage and looseness.

Computer USB unable to charge tablet

Perhaps unsurprisingly, your Samsung tablet charges much slower when connected to the computer. The reason for that is that the power supplied from the PC or Mac port is not of the same voltage as when using a wall socket. However, if the Samsung tablet won’t charge at all when connected to the computer, the USB cable or the computer port could be faulty.

Switch to another port on the computer or consider using a different USB cable. Also, remember to power on the computer. It is also advisable to plug the USB into the computer port and not the keyboard port. A keyboard port usually supplies very little voltage that goes unnoticed.

Tablet battery is dead

If you stayed long without charging your Samsung tablet battery, it might be problematic to charge it afterwards. The tablet is powered by a lithium battery, which usually performs poorly when completely drained. The fix to this problem is trickle charging. Slow charging for about six hours will help to warm up the device and enable it to respond to power.

Hardware problem due to dropped tablet

When you accidentally drop your Samsung tablet, the impact can result in severe damage to the charging port, the battery or the device’s motherboard. Try restarting your device and connecting it to the power outlet again. If it doesn’t respond, call the professionals.

Other manufacturing problem (software or hardware)

A glitch in your Samsung tablet software can cause it to fail to recognize the charge. Delete all unwanted data and files from your device by clearing the cache. Also, reboot the tablet and see if that fixes.

Samsung Tablet Not Charging error

It would also help if you installed the latest software updates. The tablet relies on software commands to make use of charge from the charging port sensors. Successful charging also relies on all hardware working as expected.

The best solution is to have your device checked by an expert to fix the glitch. There could be many reasons why your Samsung tablet won’t charge. Knowing the source of the problem will help you quickly fix it.

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